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I’ve said it for a long time, that I was going to start doing Yoga. Well thanks to a fellow blogger masters2marathons.wordpress.com, I did some poses that she has demonstrated and then remembered about a book I bought, Yoga to the Rescue Remedies for Real Girls, by Amy Luwis. Not only is this little handy-dandy book the most precious book EVER, it is wonderfully informative. There are cute drawings of a woman doing each movement for each position. There are 48 classic yoga poses that helps benefit you with everything from fitness and confidence to detoxify and purity. I can not believe I forgot about this great book! I will make a promise to myself to try to do at least 3-5 poses to get started. She even has a chapter with sequences for energy. I went on Amazon to get a picture of the book to post on here for you to see and she now has a new book Yoga to the Rescue: Ageless Beauty and a 61 deck of cards that compliment all the poses found in the books.

I know I won’t feel instant results, but hopefully after about a week I should. I just have to think positive, stay focused, and be nice to myself. Now I just have to get my daily “diet” in check and start eating more healthy. Something good has to come from my positive thoughts and actions.

So Nicole from masters2marathons.wordpress.com thank you for you post today and whether you know it or not you have inspired someone today, you don’t know how thankful I am.