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This past week was my first full week of teaching. I did great while at school, and maybe one day after school. I would say maybe three out of five days I came home exhausted. I know two of the days was because of lack of sleep.


I want to know why is it that:


  • I start to get tired then,
  • the aches and stiffness begin,
  • the burning of my face, and my chest begin which leads to,
  • complete exhaustion.


I already know that there are underlying conditions and that good nutrition is a major contributor to helping with the illness, along with exercise. I definitely know it’s not in my head, mainly because of reading all the other FM blogs and I didn’t feel like this in my early 20’s.


So why don’t I do what is said to help. I have 3 reasons:


  1. It’s hard. Some days it seems almost impossible for me to drive home from work.
  2. Exercise? Is that supposed to be funny? I know, I know it does help. I want to exercise, do yoga, start walking. Again, it’s hard. When I get home the LAST thing I want to do is move.
  3. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition. I don’t want to eat, I’m too tired to eat. This is not good, because I am very tiny to begin with and I NEED to eat.


So what to do? This little voice way back in my head is screaming TRY.


I really want to try to start yoga and stretching. Making myself do this will be easy.


The really hard part is going to be eating. I can go all day and eat nothing. I read enough to know this is NOT healthy, but this is in my head. This is going to be VERY difficult, but I have to do this. I really think that if I do these two things, I will feel the difference. One thing that I have done more of is drinking water. I do not like water, but I’m beginning to get over it.


I know this blog is boring, so if you’ve read this much thank you. I really need the support to start eating and exercising again.!