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We made it through. The horrible wind, the constant rain, one wicked storm.

This past week has been quite challenging. I had a slight Epstein Barr/Fibromyalgia flare topped with a hurricane named Isaac. My children have not been to school in over a week. My husband, my mom, me and most people in the New Orleans area have not been to work in a week. This storm shut down close to 6 parishes, a major airport, well just about everything and flooded two cities who lost everything.

Being closed up in your house, riding out a storm with over 70 mph winds and unending rain and….. lets throw in no electricity for 4 days straight is not exactly what I would call a Labor Day celebration.

I am going to express my opinion now and it might not be very nice but I’ve had enough……
To all those people out there who have passed negative comments about New Orleans and why the people there (like me) live here and don’t MOVE away because “we know we are going to get hit again and again by hurricanes”, try to reconsider your uneducated thoughts and comments.
OK Einstein, lets learn some natural science. Natural disasters can happen ANYWHERE. Lets list some shall we:

    Forest fires

  2. Snow storms
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Land Slides
  5. Tornado’s
Just to mention a few, I sure I’ve missed some.
ALERT, if you happen to live anywhere that would happen to be in harm’s way of any natural disaster, PLEASE MOVE NOW!!!
I mean really? Yes, there are people in this world that are that stupid. For one thing, Do not make a Cajun or a Creole mad,  Do not talk bad about his/her family, and DO not put our city or state down. We will stand up together against you and you will regret it. We are loving, wonderful hard-working people who are genuine and kind-hearted. We have more class then you have in your little pinky.
I love where I live, I love the people who live here, and I will not move away.
I will DANCE in the RAIN…….
Now I would kindly like to thank all of you for your prayers and support. And I’m sorry for venting to you, we deeply appreciate it. Thank you!