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Don’t worry I’m not keeping count of the weeks I’ve been back teaching, but I will think back just on this past week. It’s Friday and I am alive. My week with 15 preschool students was really not all that bad, did not start out so well. I started my week with a sinus infection, which by Tuesday was horrible. I could not breathe, and thanks to an Epstein Barr flare I had/have a mouth full of ulcers. Try talking to a child while you are wincing in pain at every word spoken. I called my wonderful doctor and got some medicine. When I woke up Wednesday morning I had all intentions of going in to work, NOT. Scary, but true, I don’t know how I got my son safely to school. I was falling asleep at the wheel and lead my smarty pants right back home. I slept all day…..still dressed with my shoes on.

OK, now I have Chronic Fatigue (CFS). I know tired, but this was beyond exhaustion! What was up with that? I still felt horrible when everyone returned home, and started feeling guilty about missing school.

The rest of the week went much better, even though the Fibromyalgia/(CFS) tried it’s best to beat me. I was having no part of that, but the fatigue did set in around 6:30-7P.M. every evening.

The teacher I work with is like the Energizer Bunny, she DOES NOT STOP. Not even to take a sip of water. There is no way I could survive 20 minutes without water, much less 4-6 hours. She was like a robot, I finally had to tell her that I needed 2 seconds just to catch my breath.

Overall, she is really sweet and I think we will make a good team. The kiddies, well they are just precious! They do press your buttons, and thank God I have boys and understand them. If I didn’t, I’d be pulling my hair out of my head….. God bless em’.

Just taking one day at a time and pacing myself. I know my limits and when to say WHEN. That’s the beauty of being educated about your personal illnesses!!