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A problem that you have had:

When I was a Senior in high school I was dating this guy that I really, really liked. I guess we had been together for maybe a month or two. It was prom season and I had planned on asking him.

Meanwhile, my best friend’s boyfriend (let’s call him mr. wrong) wanted to set me up with his best friend ( let’s call him trouble). We all went to the same school except for mr. wrong. Now, trouble was also very cute and also played ball (I got a thing for athletes.) I really liked and respected mr. wrong and his opinions. I WAS the type of person who would listen a little too much to what other people thought was right.

I definitively thought trouble was cute and I really liked the fact that he was interested in me, but I was really into the boyfriend. Time goes on and mr. wrong keeps watering that seed in my brain about trouble.

Prom gets much closer and I still didn’t ask the boyfriend to go with me, but I had all intentions to do so. One Saturday night we go to a friend of mine’s party. When I get there mr. wrong immediately tells me that trouble wants to ask me to prom. So, like a stupid ass I start to talk to trouble without the boyfriend around. Like the immature, inexperienced little girl that I was, agree to the proposal. At this point everyone thinks I did the greatest thing and to break it off with the boyfriend right then and there. Of course, I agree and I’m filled with glee. So I go and break the boyfriend’s heart (because I know he did not see this coming.) Not five minutes after he drives off I realize I just did the most stupid, irrational thing I could have ever done. At this point I start to grow up a little, and now know to think for myself and not let other people do what THEY want me to do.

I don’t want to go to prom with trouble, I want to go with the boyfriend. I LIKED THE BOYFRIEND!! That same night that I told trouble I would go to prom with him is the same night I told him that I would NOT being going to prom with him.

During that next week I try to get back together with the boyfriend and he wants no part of it. I mean, how can you blame him right? Now I have a PROBLEM! I have NO DATE my prom. I was really stupid, when I think now what I did. I am almost embarrassed by myself.

Everyone who talked me into going with trouble all had dates, everyone but me. I knew then like I know now, it was all my fault. I mean, even my mom tried to talk the boyfriend into going with me, even offered to pay for his tux. Now his mom stepped in and told him, well really me, no! I was devastated, pissed, and dateless. What in the world was I going to do? This was my Senior prom and I really messed things up BIG TIME.

I eventually found a date, a friend. Poor guy thought something was going to come out of the arrangement, but he didn’t stand a chance. I was still wanting to be with the boyfriend and we did start talking again, but our relationship never went anywhere.

It has been a long time since my prom and to this day it is still one of the biggest problems I ever got myself into. I learned a lot since then, do what you want to do and what makes YOU happy, don’t let someone else dictate your life!! It was a hard lesson learned.