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31 Day Blog Challenge:

Day 11: My Family

I come from a very large close-knit family. My mom has 5 sisters and my dad has 4 siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother). I have one brother who has a daughter and my husband and I have two boys. He has two sisters. His middle sister has one boy and his younger sister has a son and a daughter.

So now onto cousins. On my mom’s side of the family I have seven 1st cousins, ten 2nd cousins, and one 3rd cousin.  On my dad’s side of the family I have nine 1st cousins and one 2nd cousin. We all get together for all major holidays and anytime we just want to see each other. I have a very close relationship with pretty much all of them. We grew up together and are more like brothers and sisters than cousins.

My husband has a pretty big family too. He has about 20 cousins from both sides of his families and I am pretty close to them too. One of his cousins I am extremely close to and we talk to each other almost everyday of the week.

I love my family, we are not perfect but we are proud of who we are, where we come from and always support each other.

But my family consist more than just blood relatives. My friends are my family too. We have been through a lot together and I could not even think about my world without them.

Together, my friends and my family, are partly the reason I am who I am today. They have helped me make decisions past, present, and my future.

I love my entire Louisiana family. I consider being from Louisiana a privilege and an honor. There is no culture or heritage much like ours. We have Mardi Gras, delicious seafood and can cook better than any state, country, or continent in this world. We have traditions that date back as far as our separation from Great Britain, but we still respect where we came from. Southern Gentlemen and Southern Lady’s, we are Cajun, Creole, French, Cajun French, German, English, Spanish, African, Isleños.  We love life and we love to be with our families. We celebrate being Americans and are very close to our Savior.

Family is just not who my ancestors are or where we have originated from, even though I am quite fascinated about my history. Family is about being there for those who you love and to love who you’re with.