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My Views on Mainstream Music

I don’t  have a negative or a positive view about Mainstream Music. I know that we do not listen to radio stations that play mainstream music, but that necessarily isn’t a bad or great thing. I can remember when I was in grammar school and even in High School, I know I did. Isn’t that what that time of life is all about? Trying to fit in, to know what everyone is talking about and to be in the know. I think most teenagers, not all, but most do listen to what is most popular at the minute. And then it all changes, COLLEGE!!

On a personal note, my taste in music changed the minute I walked onto LSU’s campus. Everyone wants to be different, wants to learn about bands NO ONE has ever heard of, songs NO ONE at home has ever heard. I am glad I was introduced to this and to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. To open my mind to different and it being ok to be different.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way (for me) to view this. Everyone’s taste is different and that has to do with more than just taste in music. Taste in clothes, food, cars, houses, schools, hair and make-up are also where you will see a difference in people’s taste.

Is this wrong or right? I think a person should like what he/she want s to like. Who am I to say what you should listen too. Life is too short, make YOURSELF happy, not others.