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Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin is my most loved book. I have read all of her books and to be honest she is my favorite author. When she started to write it was unheard of a woman writer and she wrote anonymously for some time.

Pride and Prejudice takes place in the 19th century and is for the hopeless romantics. Austin writes about the Bennet family and the 5 daughters that are all at the age of marriage. Jane, the oldest daughter falls for the wealthy Mr. Bingley. He also falls in love with her, but his best friend Mr. Darcy doesn’t see the love connection. Darcy moves Bingley away from Jane, which is traumatic for both Jane and Charles Bingley.

Throughout the story Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth run into one another and become acquaintances. Elizabeth at first is not fond of Darcy and his “proud” attitude. She finds out that he is the reason for her sister Jane and Charles split, as Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth. At this point Lizzy (Elizabeth) wants nothing to do with him.

The story continues with Elizabeth’s younger sister runs off and marries “Mr. Wickham” and cause a lot of family drama.

Mr. Bingley returns to declare his love for Jane. Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy has helped with the marriage of her sister and Mr. Wickham and realizes that she was wrong about him. The story closes as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth share their love for one another. So with 3 daughters married off, Mrs. Bennet is a happy mother.

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most beloved classics of all time, an continues to win the hearts of many people of all ages.