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Being a mother there is nothing I feel more strongly about than raising my two boys in a positive and loving atmosphere. When I was younger I can remember hearing someone say “Parenting is the hardest job on earth.” Turns out that person was right. My husband and I have two boys, Riley 11 and Ragen 7. I love them unconditionally and I try to give them everything they want, to a certain degree. Don’t think I give them EVERYTHING they want when they want it. My husband is very strict with all of us when it comes to spending, I have a hard time saying No!

SO, how is it done? Dealing with all the craziness while having a positive, loving attitude AND keep the peace. Good question! To be honest, I’m learning everyday. I’m not one to say that I will never do something, or that what YOU do is wrong. So how can I raise to very head strong children, with planning ahead what kind of parent I am or will be. The only thing I’m big on is education. They need to finish high school, no questions asked, I know many people are not college material. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but I do talk up college (especially LSU! Just joking, no I’m serious).

What I do know is I’m scared, scared of losing them. I don’t want them to despise me as an adult, I will not suffocate them. A relationship with my sons, that is what I want. I know how I’m going to keep them. Treat them with respect, so they will learn to respect people. Not only people, but their property and their feelings. Teach them to open a door for a lady and NEVER hit a girl. They also need to know that their future is most important, and how to take pride in themselves. My boys will also learn to love God and the Church and how important it is to have Him in their lives.

When I was younger and heard how difficult parenting was, it never occurred to me why. Reason being because my love for my children is unconditional and their lives are most precious to me. They are my reason for living and raising my boys to be healthy, responsible men is my responsibility. My most important job.