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A fellow blogger found a 30 day writer’s blog challenge, and I thought it would be fun to think and write about something other than how I’m feeling. Today is Day 1 :

5 ways to win my heart:

#1. Cook supper for me.
I know this sounds silly, but by the time dinner comes around I am so tired, I am physically and mentally done for the day.
     This is a major chore for me, but it has to be done. So this is a big deal and a very stressful part of my day. I would love for
     someone to take over and of course you have to be a good cook!
#2. Then clean the kitchen.
        I guess this could be part of #1, but if you think about it the kitchen has to be cleaned practically after every meal. If you
       have kids, it has to be cleaned  ALL day, well at least at my house
#3. Have a good sense of humor/be able to make me laugh.
       One of the best things for your body is a good belly laugh, but that’s not why it is on my list.  I can be a little too serious at times,
       especially when I’m not feeling well. Laughing can sometimes be the best medicine and besides there is nothing more attractive
       then someone who can make me laugh.
#4. Surprise me!
       I LOVE surprises. Just being thought of on a whim is the best feeling in the world.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just the
      thought will win me over.
#5. Being trustworthy/honest
        This could be thought of  as being two different characteristics, but I think they work as one. If I can trust you, I know you
        are an honest person.  If you are not honest, what’s the point in ever trusting you. However, you don’t want to lose my trust. I can
        hold a very long and lengthy grudge, and I NEVER forget.
Wow, this was harder than I thought it would be. I really had to think about my answers and my “why”, but it was fun!
My heart was won 18 years ago by my wonderful hubby who does all five from this list just about everyday. He is my rock, my 
knight in shining armor. I’m a lucky girl!