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Before I opened my eyes this morning I knew what kind of day I was going to have. I was stiff from head to toe and really didn’t feel like getting up. As I laid there I though of  my husband and how he was already up and gone to work. That’s when the guilt set in. He wakes up everyday without a complaint and works his butt off for me (and our boys). I work too, but I don’t start school for another two weeks and that is only part-time.
So I crawl out of bed, let my dogs out, fix coffee and TELL myself, “you need to get YOUR butt in gear”. I have two wonderful children who depend on me and I have my wonderful hubby. The least I can do is get my chores done, so he comes home to clean clothes, semi clean and orderly house, and a happy family.
He has helped me get through my day, and doesn’t even know it. I think about how I can ever thank him enough, but as I think, just doing what needs to be done around the house, and making things less stressful for him when he does come home is enough for him.
Having a chronic illness can lead us into depression, a slump, a really bad day. How does that affect our loved ones? The stress that it puts on them. To work all day then have to come home to pick up where we’ve “slumped” off, and for those of you that are single and live alone or are single parents with a chronic illness, I commend you. You are 10x’s stronger than me. How I would love to have your drive and motivation for life.
I try to read as many blogs as my time allows me. And EVERY ONE of them inspires and pushes me more than anything. The information and advice that you offer is more knowledgeable than any doctor could ever offer. My goal as a blogger is to offer the same encouragement that all of you have offered me.
There is nothing better than having a friend who is going through the same crap as you. To some it may sound like “complaining”, but to us it is simply called venting. So if you need to vent, I’m the girl (the blog lol) for you. We all have something to offer to one another, and I hope you take up my offer.
Thank you for your blogs, you are a very positive part of my life and I’m forever grateful!