Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect

It means you’ve learned to deal

With the things that aren’t!

Being that I am trying to get happy with myself, I read the above quote and thought about my life. Ever since I can remember, anything that has ever happened to me has never come easy.

I’ve struggled ALL THE WAY through school, up until the very moment that I graduated from college.

My first pregnancy I was put on bed rest at 19 weeks. Made plenty of late night visits to the hospital because of  pre- term labor. Had the baby at 36 weeks, and he spent 2 weeks in the NICU. He is now a beautiful 11-year-old sweetheart, love of my life + my youngest son & my husband! 🙂

Being from South Louisiana in the Greater New Orleans area. My ENTIRE family lost EVERYTHING we own, except our lives in Hurricane Katrina. We no longer live in our community because I could not bring my babies back to the ruin, and if another Hurricane hits……… I just can’t go through it again.

I think this is part of the reason I am like I am today. I lost my home. Not the physical structure, but where I was born, my heritage, my friends, my family. I have one friend that moved back because of her husband’s business and 2 cousins. The rest of us, and I’m talking about A LOT of people, are living between 20 mins to 1 1/2 hours away from each other.

I know worse things have happened in the world, I know I am lucky to have what I have now. I just trying to think about when I “became unhappy”.  Am I really unhappy? Is it called something else, if it is then what is it called?

I really don’t dwell on Katrina anymore, I have moved on, but it is still something that has affected me. Changed me perhaps? A lot has changed me though. My in-laws do not talk to me, but that is a whole different blog. They have changed me, that’s for sure. My health, that is a main part. I have learned to live with the aches and pains, but never the fatigue. I think that is mostly my problem. I’m tired of being tired ALL THE TIME. I’m tired of complaining of being tired. I’m tired of being kept from doing things because I’m tired. Thinking of things that will help me stop being tired, taking medicine to help me to NOT be tired.

So I’ve thought about what I can TRY to do:

1. Eat well

2. Exercise

3. Pray

4. Laugh/Smile

5. Spend time outdoors (but it is VERY hot/humid down here), so let’s say spend time at the pool! HA….

So I’m going to start my week off thinking positive and being positive. I can do nothing about the past, but I can better my future for my family and me! I don’t want or need perfect, trust me I’ve at least learned that much.