I woke today to a better outlook on my life. My boys were not hanging from the rafters at 8am, but by 12pm all hell had broke loose. I said two words that sparked the fire “go read”. I wish someone would tell me to go to my room and GO READ. I could do that all day. My point being Fibromyalgia+Madness= StressStress and Stacie are not a good mix. So long story short, they calmed down, and did read. I took all electronics away, so, “OH WHAT TO DO”???? Low and behold they found their other toys, AND PLAYED. We live in south Louisiana, so I can’t let them out in the middle of the day to play. I’d be in the ER having one of them with heat exhaustion. Away…. not talking about the weather.

Many people don’t understand that FMS is associated with the central nervous system, as well as joint pain and stiffness. Today, no stiffness. Yesterday different story. I can get down on myself pretty bad and if I want something to be accomplished I want it NOW. Which brings me to getting off my meds, and going holistic. The product I take is something that cannot be purchased in stores or prescribed by a doctor. It is a Network Marketing company. Many people cringe when those two words are said and I am not here to solicit, in fact I will keep the name of the product anonymous. I am here to vent, celebrate, support my fellow bloggers, and receive advice, even give advice.

On a different note, being that this is my second blog I have A LOT to learn. I must have changed my theme about 50 times, added and deleted widgets. So don’t be surprised if tomorrow if looks completely different.

Until tomorrow…..Push: Pray Until Something Happens