Cool Progression


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Finally, it is cool outside way, way down here in southeastern Louisiana! We are actually able to open our windows and welcome the fresh air. This is actually the first weekend in months that I feel good. Still fatigued, but I can deal with being tired. I don’t feel like parts of my body are on fire or like I have the flu.

I have found a Wellness Clinic that specializes in nutrition for people with chronic illnesses and more importantly Candida. I will be calling tomorrow to make an appointment. I am having a really hard time with gaining my healthy weight back. I am however, trying really hard with eating healthy and staying focused with a positive mind-set.

I have started to take vitamin C and a multi-vitamin. I haven’t seen (or felt) any difference yet, but I do feel a big difference from eating 5-6 small meals a day. It is really strange how bad I feel when my energy starts to decrease, but when I eat something and keep hydrated I start to feel better. Funny how the body works.

I have been in a better mood and doing really good with getting back into the routine of teaching again. I think that waking up in the morning and being needed helps with my psyche. My mom always tells me, “Mind over matter!” I am beginning to understand what she means. I know that being a mother I will always be needed, but being home by myself all day is not very healthy for me.

I have found my happy place, and I am determined to beat the chronic pain and fatigue to feel normal again. I CAN do it, I know I can!